The Overview

Goodie Nation is a social impact pre-accelerator that empowers individuals to solve their communities toughest social issues by using innovative process solving.

The Challenge

Goodie Nation announced it’s 2017 pre-accelerator program #HackTheViolence, a our year-long effort to reduce the number of people that die in the United States each year from violent means.

Our challenge was to create a visually compelling story that highlighted the programs entire process of transforming ideas into valuable ventures that combat violence while curating it in a way that is easily for everyday viewer.

The Solution

Innovation Lab
We kicked the 6-month program off at WeWork Colony Square, where mentors were assigned to participating founders and received an overview of the mission at hand.

The next day we traveled to General Assembly to capture the rapid problem-solving workshop based on design thinking, where founders identified specific problems and generated creative tech ideas to solve them.

Marketing + Prototyping
For the second phase of the #HackTheViolence program we visited Google Atlanta for a 48 Hour hackathon where voluntary marketing professionals helped turn the founders ideas into prototypes, logos, landing pages, revenue models, and growth marketing plans.

Coding Hackathon
The third stage of the process we stopped by Atlanta Tech Village where volunteer developers and designers turned the founders prototypes into minimum viable products.

Demo Night
The finale of the #HackTheViolence Pre-Accelerator program was Demo Night, an evening were founding teams pitched their final tech products to the startup community.

The Results

It Takes A Village is Atlanta Tech Village’s diversity and inclusion initiative which emphasizes the importance of supporting diverse perspectives and inclusive work environments in technology. We believe an entire community with different skill sets, backgrounds, and cultures is needed to produce the most productive and innovative companies.