My Story

From building a startup in college, running a marketing agency, and leading diversity and inclusion initiatives in Atlanta I have learned and experienced a lot of valuable lessons that I want to share with aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, and those looking to break into tech.


Back To The Basics Podcast

Back to the Basics is a podcast series that highlights the fundamentals of building, launching and running your first startup company. I sit down with seasoned startup experts as they share resourceful tips and tactics on how to validate your idea, avoid costly mistakes, and scale in the most founder-friendly way possible.

The Cloud Project Tour

Fall 2019 I went on “tour” traveling to six different conferences to explore new cities and learn how business moves outside of Atlanta. I met so many cool people working on dope projects from creativity to climate change. It was defiantly an eye-opening experience and helped shape some of things I’m working on to make a greater impact on the world. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my journey from city-to-city!



Ms. Judy's Son

In 2019, my mother, Ms. Judy Rose McLeod, passed away which re-sparked my passion and love for music. To honor my mothers legacy I released an instrumental album with the beats I produced in her basement between the years of 2011 – 2014 and released the debut album called, Ms. Judy’s Son on June 4th, 2020 on all streaming platforms. Stream Now or Purchase a copy.