The Overview

Founders of Color is an online platform connecting minority entrepreneurs with high-growth potential to the information, relationships, and opportunities they need to scale their business quickly. It is also used as a source for corporate company’s seeking to implement a seamless diversity and inclusion initiative.

The Challenge

FOC’s objective was to develop empowering visuals that represented the brands commitment to supporting rising minority entrepreneurs while gaining 500 new members within 30 days of announcing their official launch.

The Solution

The Pitch:

Surthrive produced a short video commercial that placed the viewer in the shoes of a minority entrepreneur’s most notable challenge, raising capital. Raising money to fund a business takes time and patience, so we positioned Founders of Color as a supportive source that enables the founder to capitalize on the opportunity.

Founder Profiles:

Surthrive produced a video interview series highlighting successful minority entrepreneurs to discuss their journey of overcoming obstacles along with sharing valuable tips that encourage other entrepreneurs who are seeking resourceful guidance.

The Results

By aligning the visual content with the launch announcement of Founders of Color, within 30 days the platform received 1,100 members, a 45% increase of projected membership acquisition.